Make money with your storage space

Monetize unused space in your home or property by letting reliable people store their belongings.


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We want to reduce pressure on urban space by making better use of existing space. We are the sharing platform for storage. We are Djeepo. With Djeepo, people can rent storage space in your home or property. You make money, they store their belongings and together we make the best use of space.


Earn money

Safe and Easy

We'll make sure that all goes well. We verify users, provide support and take care of payments.

Social and Sustainable

Used Djeepo to store boxes and my bike while I was in the States for 2,5 months for a project. All went smooth and my host actually turned out to be in the same business as me.
Online marketeer from London living in Amsterdam
I'm storing furniture for a couple of months until I move into my new place. Which is around the corner!
Journalist living in Amsterdam

Start making money

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It only takes 5 minutes.

Amsterdam Houses With Storage Space

You'll earn a passive income. With the money you make and the time you save, you can treat yourself.

You make unused space useful by letting other people store nearby. This is better for our environment.


Meet your fellow hosts

Ruben turned his storage box in the basement of his apartment in Amsterdam West into a money machine. His renters mostly store boxes, bikes and furniture for a couple of months. The 4m2 of unused space now make him 70 Euros a month.

By listing this 5mattic near Leidsplein, Rutger  makes an easy 60 Euros per month. Rutger so far shared his attic with an expat from Singapore, a Dutch backpacker and a local couple who were moving.

This 6m2 shed in Amsterdam's Rivierenbuurt is an ideal storage space. Farshad is effortlessly earning 85 Euros per month. Currently someone who bought furniture on Marktplaats is storing her belongings.

Meet your renters

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